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    Suburbia is the largest and longest running free public access system in Australia. It has been running for over twenty-five years, and been a live Internet system since 1993, before the Internet was commercially viable. While other similar sites forged their way into money making ventures, we have stuck to the grass roots approach to the Internet, offering a private and secure system that supports community groups and electronic self publishing. Suburbia is a non-profit system and advocates free press. We receive no government funding and currently exist based on the generosity of the members who make non-obligatory contributions of time and equipment.

    We believe that everyone on the net should have their right to publish regardless of politics, opinions, persuasions or financial means. Our loyalty is to our members. Period.

    Suburbia has members from all walks of life. If you want to be part of a real, friendly and developing community of people with a common interest in the free flow of information and ideas then you will probably find it interesting here.

    Suburbia has grown to the system it is thanks to the dedication of it's members. All the hardware used has been donated. All the setup has been done by volunteers. Suburbia is run by people who have been very generous with both their time and money. It is for this reason alone that the system can offer free services to non-commercial entities.

    If you believe you have something significant to contribute, be it programming, hardware or something else the system needs then let us know - we often require assistance in various areas.

    Suburbia offers several free services to individuals and community groups, some of which are listed here;

  • Shell Accounts offering various text based programs allowing you to use; SSH , Telnet and FTP

  • POP/IMAP based e-mail accounts

  • Webmail

  • Personal web space for yourself or organisation

    If there are any questions that you have that have been unanswered, email us and we'll get back to you. You may have decided by now that Suburbia isn't your kind of place. But hopefully, you've seen some enlightenment and would like join. If you'd like, you can read more about joining Suburbia.

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